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Our Love Story

In May of 2019, Brandon and Kristen made separate plans to go to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), an electronic dance music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brandon went with his childhood friend Chris (Groomsman), and Kristen went with her college friends. On the first night, in typical fashion, Kristen wanted a bowl of rice. She walked to a food truck with Nicole (Maid of Honor), who immediately spotted Brandon in line. Nicole recognized him from photos Kristen had shown her from social media. Kristen and Brandon had communicated on and off for a few years but had never met in person. EDC is one of the largest music festivals in the world, with over 400,000 people in attendance.  Out of all the people at the festival, Kristen and Brandon were in line at the same food truck. Nicole (thinking this was fate) gave Kristen a pep talk about seizing the moment and pushed Kristen towards Brandon before she had a chance to react. Kristen panicked, he was much more handsome in person! She nervously tapped Brandon's shoulder and said, “Hi, do you remember me?” He smiled and said, “Kristen! Of course I do. I’ve only been trying to take you out on a date for months!” Immediately, the chemistry was undeniable. Kristen and Brandon spent the remainder of the festival week together eating rice bowls in the Las Vegas food courts, walking the Las Vegas strip, watching the fireworks at the festival, and taking sentimental photos by the Bellagio fountain. It truly was a trip to remember. A few weeks later, Brandon was able to finally take Kristen out on their first “real” date at a classic El Paso restaurant, Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey’s. The rest is history.

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Fun Facts

Our Story: FAQ

The dorkiest thing about us...

We love having random dance parties in our living room. To what music you might ask? Our off-pitch voices.

The most spontaneous thing we have done...

Woken up at 3 in the morning and gone to McDonald's for chicken nuggies :)

We are regulars at...

The nearest Pizza Hut and chinese restaurants wherever we live.

The proposal...

Brandon and Kristen planned to spend New Year's Eve 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada with a group of Kristen's college friends. What she didn't know was...Brandon planned the entire trip so he could propose! He planned for her parents and closest friends to be there to see the proposal and celebrate afterwards.

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