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The Wedding Party

Wedding Party: Wedding Party

Nicole Pon

Maid of Honor

Most Likely to: Start a conga line at the wedding.

Nicole and Kristen met in 2016 at the beginning of their Sophomore year at the University of Arizona. They soon became inseparable, and lived together for the following three years. They have explored the world together and gone on countless adventures. 


Mikayla Rossi

Matron of Honor

Most likely to: Drink the most shots (of espresso) at the wedding.

Since 2017, Mikayla has been a constant rock for Kristen. They enjoy romantic walks to the Container Store followed by trying new restaurants.


Gabriela Squillace


Most Likely to: Be the first person dancing on a table at the wedding.

Gaby and Kristen met at a music festival in 2016. After that, all of Kristen's crazy college memories involved Gaby and her infectious laugh.


Victoria Miranda


Most Likely to: Wear pink heels to the wedding.

Victoria and Kristen have been through it all together. Since their freshman year of high school, these two were inseparable. Now, they reminisce about their days as Loretto girls over a glass of wine.  


Emily McGowan


Most Likely to: Not remember the party.

Emily and Brandon met their Freshman year at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Through blood, sweat, and tears their friendship got them through the exhausting nights as young cadets.

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Nora Ramirez

Flower Girl

Most Likely to: Make new friends at the wedding.

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Aarronn Quiñones

Best Man

Most Likely to: Engage you in a conversation about the American civil war at the wedding.

Brother and built-in best friend for Brandon since 1997. From Saturday morning cartoons and nerf wars to discussing politics over a glass of whiskey, they have been through it all together.


Brian Nepogoda


Most Likely to: Be the first person shirtless at the wedding.

Established in 2015, the bromance between Brandon and Brian runs deep. If you've ever seen these two sing karaoke together, you know it's like watching Sonny and Cher.


Christopher McLane


Most Likely to: Bring his own protein powder to the wedding.

Since the 5th grade, Chris and Brandon were the constant headache of any teacher lucky enough to have both of them in their class.


Jake Sparano


Most Likely to: Mention his Tesla at the wedding.

This duo started on the West Point mascot team. During their frequent travels, they always managed to find the coolest bars and best restaurants. They later took their friendship to the next level..roommates. 


Malachi Leece


Most Likely to: Get turnt after two drinks at the wedding.

Malachi and Brandon survived the grueling days of West Point by watching horror movies and playing Call of Duty after walking hours together.


Paxton Leece

Ring Bearer

Most Likely to: Melt your heart at the wedding.

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